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and carried out the attack in 2009 at that post in texas. he's never even disputed it. while he's been representing himself throughout the trial, he's had very little to say, put up no defense virtually, just about the only words spoken today were, "the defense chooses not to make a closing statement." the 13-member jury needs only a 2/3 majority to find major hassan guilty of the charges, but if they want the military to execute him they will have to all be on board. casey stegall with the news tonight. casey? >> every single person on that panel is a senior ranking army official, an officer, a rank in fact of major or higher. they were carefully selected, you'll remember, at the beginning of july from u.s. army posts all around the world. they have not been sequestered since this court martial began on august 6th, but clearly instructed not to read anything about this extremely high-profile case, watch any news reports about it or talk with anyone about their involvement. at this hour they're going through the long list of 45 charges, 13 premeditated murder for those who died, and 39
fellow service members on that post,s hurt dozens of others at ft. hood, texas. if convict, he could face the death penalty. he's chosen to represent himself in this case, opening testimony is set for early next week. >>> edward snowden is in a safe place, we're told, in russia. that's what his attorney is calling it. snowden left the moscow airport yesterday after russia gave him temporary asylum for one year. the former national security agency contractor has admitted leaking classified information and exposing phone and internet surveillance programs that targeted millions of americans. he's facing espionage and other charges here in the united states, but, for now, he's getting his first taste of freedom after more than a month i inside the airport's transit zone. we have more. what are you learning about where snowden is live something. >> well, we know he's broke, harris. for now he's living with some american ex-patriots inside their home at least until he can afford to get his own place to rent. but he has already been offered a job with a russian social networking company. there'
are nelson cruz, he is a right fielder for the texas rangers. he leads his team in home runs and rbis and he said he took performance enhancing drugs because of a preseason intestinal virus saying quoting here, i made an error in judgment that i deeply regret and i accept full responsibility for that error. i should have handled the situation differently. and my illness was no excuse. the tigers shortstop jhonny peralta made the all star team this year. was having a breakout year. he made no excuses, saying, quote: my greatest punishment is knowing that i have let so many good people down. i promise to do everything possible to try and earn back the respect that i have lost. peralta is one of the few players to fully fess up in this scandal, shep. >> shepard: some players today, trace, got cleared by mlb. >> yeah. in fact, one of those was baltimore orioles infielder danny have a lens i can't. the other one, the washington national pitch everywhere gonzalez. they were both cleared. gonzalez said and i'm quoting here with this process now complete, i have no lingering sense of animosity as i
during a shooting massacre at fort hood in texas. major nidal hasan has never denied his responsibility for that rampage, which happened in 2009. and in court today, he said the evidence will clearly show that he is, indeed, the fort hood shooter. he apologized. not for killing his fellow service members. but for mistakes he has made as an imperfect muslim, quote: trying to establish the perfect religion. nidal hasan had originally tried to argue he shot u.s. soldiers to protect taliban fighters in afghanistan. the judge didn't allow that defense strategy. at this time it's unclear what hasan's backup plan is since he is acting at his own attorney, he will likely end up cross-examining some of the shooting survivors and maybe even himself. although he did not cross-examine the retired staff sergeant alonzo lunsford who testified today. this photo from june shows sergeant lunsford holding a bullet the doctors dug from his body it. it when it comes to nidal hasan what he did to me was bad. the biggest mistake that he made was i survived. casey stegall with the news. he is at fort hood fo
dozens of others on an army post in texas. now the fort hood shooter is sentenced to die. moments ago, movements on syria from inside the white house directly from the president. his words just ahead. the administration considers its next move. >> assad regime was responsible for these chemical weapons and this attack. >> but some lawmakers are telling the white house not so fast. and syria says back off. >> someone sprayed all over the walls. >> also american pilots on a dangerous mission. >> they fly these planes over a target house. >> word of a secret weapon in the fight against mexican drug cartels. >> and -- >> i have a dream. >> -- exactly 50 years later. >> ♪ for the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave >> america remembers the march on washington. >> eventually the white house changed. >> and the man who shared a dream. >> free at last, free at last, thank god almighty we are free at last! >> i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. the u.s. plans to release evidence this week to show the syrian 1:00 government was behind a chemical attack that killed hun
victoria, texas. that's about two hours south and east of san antonio. witnesses who live nearby say they saw workers running and then the explosion. a company spokesperson saying all the workers made it off that rig safely. but fire officials say it will be days before teams could fully contain it we don't know yet exactly what caused it. a picture showing the body of a man's murdered wife turned up on facebook and prosecutors say he posted it there just moments after he killed her. that man appeared in court today. we'll tell you what he pleaded. and the gunman in the fort hood massacre has received the death penalty. we have reported that but he still faces another legal in the case against him. it could take years to play out in court. [ tires screech ] ♪ and your favorite songs always playing. [ beeping ] ♪ may you never be stuck behind a stinky truck. [ beeping ] ♪ may things always go your way. but it's good to be prepared... just in case they don't. let's go places, safely. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] ultra rugged phones from sprint. buy one, get four free, and $150 cred
perspective stands in stark contrast to what university of texas researchers found. >> u.s., civilian nuclear power plant are not protected against attacks from the air. they are not protected against attacks from the sea. they are not protected against rocket-propelled grenades. they are not protected against 50 caliber sniper rifles using armored piercing ammunition. which those are are the greatest threat. >> the industry says its tests show containment vessels can sustain a direct impact from a boeing 767. that contradicts findings by the u.s. national laboratory which found it would breech the containment vessel. so, shep, it boils down to who do you trust? >> doug mckelway live in washington. the u.s. military now announcing new steps to crackdown on sexual assaults within its ranks. the pentagon now reports it will allow commanders to transfer troops who ho are suspected of sex crimes to cut down on contact with their victims. this will also create a new program to provide legal representation to the victims and allow victims to have a say during the sentencing phase of a court martial
with killing 13 people and wounding more than 30 others in that massacre at the texas army post. it's been nearly four years ago now. his court martial begins next week and he could get the death penalty. katherine herrige live with the news from our d.c. newsroom with the latest on this, catherine. >> hasan's showing he verified the authenticity of the documents and signature. the army major acting a at his own attorney at the military trial next week directed him to provide these writings to fox news. >> staff sergeant sean manning who was shot six times at the fort hood readiness center first spoke to fox news a year ago. with the defense department dealing with the attack in the context of, quote: work place violence, manning said via skype the public should make its own assessment. >> the government has tried to deny that this is an act of terrorism. i think -- i hope that if people hear the words from hasan's own mouth that they the understand this was an act of terrorism. >> only document bearing a date october 18th, 2012. he writes, quote: i nadal malik hasan am compelled to renou
and wounding dozens more in the shooting spree at the texas army post nearly four years ago now. he is he also acting as his own lawyer which means he can cross-examine some of the people he is accused of shooting. today he did not do that. but he did interrupt a witness at one point. casey stegall was in the courtroom and is live in fort hood for us tonight. casey? the interruption really made no sense. frankly came at a time of the day when we heard some the most horrific testimony that we have heard in this trial so far when a sergeant was on the stand. a woman named sergeant marie a who supervised the medical building where that shooting happened. she testified hearing gunshots and hearing a woman screaming saying please don't, please don't. my baby, my baby. and then i heard shots. the prosecution asked her did you hear that voice again? her reply: no, sir. that is when hasan spoke up and said i object. would you please remind the sergeant she is under oath. it is odd because the sergeant had already been sworn in so they moved on. one could only assume sergeant guerra was talking about
the shooting at ft. hood in texas. he's not denied his role, far from it, and his own lawyers say nidal hasan is trying to get the death sentence. casey stegall has been covering the trial for us and joins us live tonight. casey. >> reporter: the first week of this crucial court-martial is finally wrapped up and everyone will return here first thing monday morning. the prosecution has called 44 witnesses. we know what happened on this military post 2009 was terrible but didn't know much else than that, that is until the stories started emerging from the witness stand. accounts of blood-soaked floors, people pleading for their lives before they were killed, even stories of heroism. multiple eyewitnesses told the court about retired chief warrant officer michael cahill and captain john gaffney and how they were shot dead trying to charge the gunman with a chair to stop him. hasan looked frail and emotionless sitting in his wheelchair and staring at the table the majority of the time asking very few questions and making very little eye contact with the people he is accused of shooting. shepherd?
hood in texas. not one but two played today, casey. >> yeah, exactly, shepard, both from nurses. people trained to remain calm in emergencies. clearly on that thursday afternoon, this was not an average emergency they had on their hands. you could hear the panic in their voices on that inattachment both women calling at different times from different parts of the medical building where this attack happened. spine tingling to hear in between their crimes for help. you can make out loud bangs that sound like gunshots as the dispatchers try to keep them calm and explain that help is on the way. a handful of people wiping tears away from their faces a it leaves one of those calls played today in court, shep. >> shepard: we could see closing arguments as soon as this week, shep. >> that's right. especially if we continue at the rate we are going. that according to the public affairs office here at fort hood. surprisingly the judge said this whole court martial could take about a month. we are only entering week two. hasans hasn't parmd much. that has cut down on the time considerably. if the
's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the man on for the mass shooting at fort hood in texas said he wanted to die and become a martyr. that's according to documents a "new york times" got for lawyer for army major nidal hasan. those documents contained comments that major hasan made to mental health experts more than a year after the shooting that happened in 2009. 13 people died in the attack. more than 30 hurt. police ended it when they shot major hasan and paralyzed him. according to these just released documents major hasan told the military panel that he could be in jail for the rest of his life. but he added if he dies by lethal injection he will become a martyr. of course, this death penalty is still on the table for major hasan. and today in court, we heard about more of the evidence against him. casey stegall is live at fort hood for us tonight. casey? >> yeah, shepard, today we heard from fbi agents who processed the crime scene. what they characterize as an elaborate crime scene. so elaborate, of course in fact, they tell us they ran out of evidence markers and ha
was alone in his family's home at port arthur, texas when two burglars busted. in the boy hid in a closet as he spoke to a 911 dispatcher. david lee miller is live with with that. david? >> jen, dion murdock is only 12 years old but is he courageous beyond his years. not only did he call 911 after hearing someone break into his home but he kept his cool hiding in a closet with the intruders only a few feet away. >> i'm going to have to whisper because i can tell they are coming. >> in do you have any weapons inside the closet? >> no, ma'am. please hurry. >> they are. >> they are turning on your street. >> stay right there. >> they are inside the room now. >> they are inside the bedroom where is he at. are you there? dion? >> yes. >> okay. just stay there. the officer -- i think they are going to catch the guy. okay? >> jon: as police approached the house, they were apparently spotted by one of the intruders and that's when they decided to make a run for it. all the while dion remained on the phone. the dispatcher reassuring the young boy everything was going to be all right. dion continue
comes out on top? we brought real people to the texas desert to find out. it's just nice. very crisp. cool and fresh. that's what i was thinking! fresh. that's exactly what i was thinking. yeah. fresh. fresh. like i could definitely wrap myself in it. odors are no match for the febreze car vent clip. another way febreze helps you breathe happy. police arrested the brother of a murder victim after he tried to bull russia suspected killer inside of a courtroom. watch here. [shouting] >> bill: that guy ran toward the prisoner boxes as prosecutors read out the details of the apparent homicide near boston. the suspect on saturday stabbed the victim almost 70 times at a trailer park. authorities found the suspect' at a nearby train station with bloody clothes and a cut on his hand. soon after they discovered the victim inside of a blood spattered mobile home. his brother faces charges of disrupting court proceedings and resisting arrest. i'm bill hemmer in tonight for shepard smith. this is "the fox report." the white house says it's preposterous to suggest that syria was not be
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)